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Youth Council Collaborates with Health Department to Produce Video

The San Carlos Apache Youth Council (SCAYC) teamed up with the Tribal Health Department on the San Carlos Apache Reservation to issue a warning about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Three people on the reservation have died in the past 14 months due to this bacterial disease, which is spread through the bite of an infected tick. Two members of the SCAYC narrate the two-minute video, which educates tribal residents about the disease and how to take preventive measures. Way to go San Carlos Apache Youth Council!

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Arizona State University RECHARGE Conference 

UNITY youth leaders and alumni shine at 2018 Arizona State University RECHARGE Conference in Tempe, Arizona. The annual conference brought together over 400 Native students from across the state of Arizona, celebrating the diversity and resilience of Natives in education.

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Midyear Survey Winners & Youth Evaluation Resources

On behalf of Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC), UNITY’s external evaluation team, we would like to congratulate all the youth that participated in the Midyear Conference January 2-5, 2018 in Tempe, AZ.   The new and deepening relationships and new learning that you’re using to be a Wellness Warrior will strengthen you and your communities!  Thank you to the 139 participants who took the UNITY Mid-Year conference evaluation survey too! After a random drawing of survey takers, the following winners will receive a $25 electronic Amazon gift card courtesy of BPC:

  1. Steve Harvey
  2. Nataly Llamas
  3. Priscilla Ortiz
  4. Cyndee Miller

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Wellness Warriors App Traditional Food Spotlight: Blue Corn Mush

UNITY’s Wellness Warriors’ App is a health and wellness app, aimed at encouraging Native people to live healthier lifestyles.  Native people have always been active in their daily life, and traditional food has always provided a balance of nutrition.  The UNITY Wellness Warriors App provides an avenue for Native people to share healthy and traditional foods. This week we are spotlighting the latest food recipe upload by Chenoa Tso, it is a traditional Navajo recipe for Blue Corn Mush. The ingredients are simple, and the process is easy, to check out this dish go to the Culture food section in the Wellness Warriors app.

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The Rocky Mountain Wellness Warrior: Jacob Hugs

Wellness Warrior Jacob Hugs of the Salish and Crow Nations is the 2017-2018 Rocky Mountain Representative on the National UNITY Council and a Junior at St Ignatius High School. Jacob embodies the impact that the UNITY experience can have on native youth. “I have been coming to UNITY now for 3 years and it has been life-changing for me personally. Not only me but my friends also. With all the trainers, guest speakers and amazing youth and staff who run the conferences and gatherings, it truly has inspired me!” says Hugs, “I want to be a leader for the native youth on my reservation and even the adults. I am committed to being drug and alcohol-free for my people.” Read More

Wellness Warriors Poster Release

As part of an ongoing series of posters in UNITY’s wellness campaign, UNITY’s Wellness Warriors program has been featuring Native American youth to be a part of a poster series.  The posters feature various Native youth from communities throughout the country, representing the lifestyles they live, as they express their culture, daily habits, and hobbies.

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UNITY Youth Leader Wins Award at Arizona Film Festival

Photo credit: Kenneth Shirley Facebook Page

UNITY News correspondent and mentor Kenneth Shirley, Navajo, and his company Indigenous Enterprise, won the Chandler International Film Festival Art Award last month for a documentary. The documentary, nearly 10 minutes long, highlights the origin of Indigenous Enterprise and how its young Native owners address cultural stereotypes by educating the public through tribal songs and dance.

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Native youth Advocacy Action Plans developed at UNITY Midyear Conference

More than 250 youth and advisors engaged in four days of advocacy and action planning training during the 2018 UNITY Midyear Conference held recently in Tempe, Arizona. Trainers and peer leaders utilized a proven UNITY curriculum to challenge youth and advisors to come up with youth-led community service projects as a way to address social issues in their communities. UNITY’s National UNITY Council Executive Committee and UNITY Earth Ambassadors served as peer leaders who helped to facilitate sessions, serve as speakers and lead workshops.

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UNITY News Communications Camp a Big Success

The 2018 UNITY Midyear Conference concluded with a one-of-a-kind communications training featuring some of the best multi-media trainers in Arizona. The bootcamp highlighted the talents and expertise of online comedian personality “Moonie” Littleman, youth leader Kenneth Shirley, Cordell Parker of Fifth World Production, and Charly Edsitty of Arizona’s NBC affiliate, 12News.

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Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council (TONYC) hosts annual “O’odham Camp” event

On January 12-13, 2018, the UNITY Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council (TONYC) partnered with Baboquivari District to host its Annual “O’odham Camp” event as part of the UNITY Wellness Warrior Challenge! Friday night kicked off the O’odham Camp with storytelling and traditional songs led by the youth around the campfire under the stars. Youth took turns sharing their oral history and the meanings behind different songs late into the night. Indigenous languages and songs are powerful and create mental wellness when carried out in social gatherings. Read More