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California UNITY Youth to Know: Camile Talavera

Meet Camile Talavera: As a youth representative she proudly serves the UNITY’s Pacific Region (California, Hawaii) in her outreach efforts. Talavera attends Sherman Indian High school in Riverside, California; and is proud to represent the Fort Mojave, Bishop Paiute and Tule River Yokut tribes. Talavera lives in Bishop, California with her Mother Natalie Vega and her Father Pasqual Talavera with her two brothers. She also enjoys playing basketball, softball and football for the Sherman Indian Braves and when home from school volunteering with the Bishop Tribal Youth Council.

Talavera has been active within UNITY since she first participated in the Today’s Native Leaders regional training in Palm Springs, California and the TNL National summit where her Youth Council’s community service project was featured. She has represented the Bishop Tribal Youth Council in National UNITY conferences in Oklahoma, Denver and San Diego. As a representative of the UNITY organization Camile is able to represent multiple California tribes while attending Sherman Indian High School.

“Manahuu, inaniana-ii Camile Talavera” Hello, I am Camile Talavera I am an enrolled member of the Fort Mojave Tribe on my fathers side and represent the Bishop Paiute Tribe and Tule River Yokut Tribe on my mothers side. I hope to continue to serve the Pacific region for the United National Indian Tribal Youth organization on multiple platforms. I would like to reach out to and work with many of our California and Hawaiian Native youth in the best ways I can, Maanohobuu.”

Keep up the Great Work Camile! Join UNITY in celebrating Native Youth leaders from across the nation. Send a profile of your Native youth to to be featured in the future. We know that each Native youth holds to potential to move mountains. UNITY is a safe place to share success stories to inspire hope in others.