Southern Plains Region



Elwood McClellen, Jr., Southern Plains Regional Representative

National UNITY Council Executive Committee

Welcome to the Southern Plains Regional UNITY page: This page will consist of informational material such as projects, events, and resources. Here you will also find contact information for your Southern Plains Regional Representative, Elwood McClellan Jr.

Composition of Southern Plains Region: The Southern Plains Region is composed of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The primary goal is to create structures and support; this will enhance the interpersonal relationships between youth councils. In result, work will be conducted in an effect manner, which promotes aspects of communication and teamwork. This is crucial when talking about ways to revitalize our communities.

Southern Plains Region Representative & Contact Info: 

Elwood McClellan Jr, member of the Iowa Oklahoma.


Southern Plains Region Representative Obligations: The Southern Plains Region Representative is responsible for the representation, facilitation, and involvement amongst Indigenous youth and youth councils in the Southern Plains Region (Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas). The Southern Plains Representative also holds a position on the National UNITY Council Executive Committee, as the liaison. On this committee, the Southern Plains Representative serves with two Co-presidents and 9 other Regional Representatives. The purpose is to advocate for issues and concerns, while promoting the work and achievements of the Southern Plains Region. 

Biography of Northwest Regional Representative, Elwood McClellan Jr

 Elwood McClellan Jr is a member of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Mr. McClellan is the Southern Plains Region Representative to the National UNITY Council Executive Committee. 

Mr. McClellan currently serves as the chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s UNITY youth council and has served on the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s Election Board where his interest in program development derived. 

This has all taken place during Mr. McClellan’s time at the University of Oklahoma where he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Human Relations. The experiences throughout his life and material that his degree path has provided, he plans to directly apply his studies to Indigenous communities.