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Southern Plains Region

UNITY Regional Profile

The Southern Plains Region consists of geographical areas and the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The Southern Plains region has 35 affiliated youth councils in 3 states within the UNITY Network.

2021 Fall Southern Plains Virtual Meet-Up

UNITY News: Southern Plains Updates

Southern Plains Regional Representative: Mahiya Ramirez

Mahiya Ramirez – UNITY Southern Plains Area Representative

Tribes: Muscogee Creek

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She is a junior at the University of Central Oklahoma majoring in Mass Communication Photographic Art with a minor in Journalism. Mahiya is an active member of the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council, serves as the Speaker, and has held other executive committee roles since 2017. She participates and volunteers at our cultural events and festivals. The most memorable moments are spent with our elders and youth. Mahiya’s passion is the music of different genres. 

She plays both American and Native American flute. She appeared in Spirit Flute: Healing the Heart ” a documentary of Oklahoma Native America flute players; she was mentored by an elder on how to make a flute from cedar and bamboo. Mahiya believes music heals the mind, heart, and soul and uses music herself as therapy. She also enjoys spending time with family members and friends. It is an honor to serve as the United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) Southern Plain Area Representative. I am excited to engage Native youth to become more empowered and let their voices be heard by remaining dedicated, supportive, and focused as we approach this journey together. She will continue to be the best of herself and a role model for all native communities not only in the Southern Plain Region; but across the United States. I look forward to meeting all the youth councils in my region.

Southern Plains REGION

Mahiya Ramirez, Southern Plains Regional Representative

National UNITY Council Executive Committee

Southern Plains Region Youth Councils

  1. Three Fires of PBPN
  2. Field Kindley Memorial High School Youth Council
  3. Indigecomms
  4. Firekeepers Youth Council
  5. Haskell Indian Nations University
  6. Absentee-Shawnee
  7. Fire Lodge Youth Council
  8. Sac & Fox Nation Youth Council
  10. Anadarko UNITY Council
  11. Etem Omvlkusen Unity Council
  12. Kickapoo UNITY Council
  13. WahZhaZhe Youth Council
  14. Cheyenne-Arapaho UNITY Youth Council
  15. Penola District Youth Council
  16. Jones Academy Warrior Spirit UNITY
  17. Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council
  18. Mvskoke Nation Youth Council
  19. IAMNDN
  20. N8V Generation
  21. Deleware County Inter-Tribal Youth Council
  22. Iowa Tribe Of OK Unity Youth Council
  23. Many Nations Youth Council
  24. E.A.G.L.E.S. Youth Council
  25. Tulsa Native Youth Board
  26. IHCRC Native Nations Youth Council
  27. Okemah Indian Community Youth Council
  28. Kognito
  29. Osage Nation youth Council
  30. Thlopthlocco Tribal Town
  31. Wetumka N8V Youth Council
  32. Alabama-Coushatta Inner Voice Youth Council
  33. Tigua Youth Council
  34. Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas
  35. UNITY of Texas Council

“Being here with UNITY is such a great experience. You get to meet so many new people and learn more about different tribes and their cultures.””


“The gathering, the sharing of cultures, the UNITY of our people!”


“Our YOUTH is the future!”


“It’s the best place to be open about what you think and what you want to do for your school or community. They make you feel like family and welcome you openly.”


“Great organization that allows empowerment for the Native youth to excel in leadership skills, networking opportunity, and early professional growth.”


“Awesome for youth group & leadership.”