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Rocky Mountain Region

UNITY Regional Profile

The Rocky Mountain Region consists of geographical areas and the states of Montana and Wyoming. The Rocky Mountain region has 12 affiliated youth councils in 2 states within the UNITY Network.

2022 SPRING Rocky Mountains VIRTUAL MEET-UP

UNITY News: Rocky Mountain  Updates

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07 Sep: UTTC Native Songs Project

Click here for full article This year’s United Tribes Technical College International Powwow Week in Bismarck will feature the unveiling…

Rocky Mountain Regional Representative: Watson Whitford

Watson Whitford – UNITY Rocky Mountain Area Representative/Vice President

Tribes: Chippewa Cree/Navajo

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Watson Whitford Wapanatak” (Morning Star) comes from the Dine (Navajo) and Chippewa Cree Nations. Whitford is the newly elected Rocky Mountain Are Representative, representing both Montana and Wyoming for United National Indian Tribal Youth. Whitford will attend Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana in the fall of 2023. He is very passionate about continuing the sacred ways of his ancestors through ceremony, songs, and teachings, but also wants to have a strong educational background. He encourages all indigenous youth to discover themselves through their language and culture and to become    successful in this modern world. 

In addition, Watson served as an UNITY Earth Ambassador 2021-22 and UNITY Executive Committee 2022-23.


Watson Whitford, Rocky Mountain Regional Representative/Vice President

National UNITY Council Executive Committee

Rocky Mountain Region Youth Councils

  1. Fort Peck Assiniboine Soiux Nakona Dakota Oyate Youth Council
  2. All Nations Youth Council
  3. Aak Bacheeitchileewioosh Crow Tribal Youth Council
  4. Northern Cheyenne UNITY
  5. Nḱʷucin One Voice UNITY Council
  6. Great Falls All Nations UNITY Youth Council
  7. Pryor UNITY Youth Council
  9. Fort Belknap Youth Council
  10. Wind River UNITY Council
  11. Cheyenne Inter Tribal Youth Council

“Being here with UNITY is such a great experience. You get to meet so many new people and learn more about different tribes and their cultures.””


“The gathering, the sharing of cultures, the UNITY of our people!”


“Our YOUTH is the future!”


“It’s the best place to be open about what you think and what you want to do for your school or community. They make you feel like family and welcome you openly.”


“Great organization that allows empowerment for the Native youth to excel in leadership skills, networking opportunity, and early professional growth.”


“Awesome for youth group & leadership.”