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Charley Hogan

Charley Hogan recently starred in Frybread Face and Me (2023). She is T’odiichiinii (The Bitter Water Clan) and Akohni Dine (Acoma Pueblo). She is a member of the Navajo Nation. Her maternal family is originally from Nazlini, Arizona and her paternal grandparents are from the Wheatfields, Arizona. Charley grew up on the Navajo Nation and in the urban city of Phoenix, Arizona. Her dual lifestyle of traditional and urban living, has provided her with the motto: “Be excellent in both worlds” -Dr. Evan Adams. Charley’s journey of becoming a professional actor began with her love of classic horror films. Her obsession found its way towards finding her passion; her love of entertaining others. Charley is not only an actor, but she is also a multimedia artist. She has developed a collection of her most memorable work of art. Her choice of becoming an artist has motivated her to continue to explore her creativity and skills. She not only has a keen eye for details in her art, but also details in the characters she portrays. Charley has become an inspiration for the Indigenous youth in Native America. She is a Youth advocate involved in ending “Silent Culture” and provides healing to Indigenous Communities through Indigenous Art and Storytelling. Charley’s journey has motivated her peers, demonstrating they can dream big and accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. Charley Hogan is definitely a name to remember.