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Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is an enrolled member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe. Mr. Harvey is the Western Regional Representative to the National UNITY Executive Committee and 2021-2022 Circle of Earth Ambassadors. Outside of UNITY, Mr.Harvey is an active member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe Youth Council and an employee under the Institute for Career-Development and Workforce Transformation department (WIOA) of the San Carlos Apache Tribe. He is also a part-time manager for Eastern Arizona College softball team. While a full-time student at Eastern Arizona College, he studies for his associates in general studies and geology.

Mr. Harvey has grown up around the core values and teachings of the Apache way of life and uses those teachings instilled by his community to work toward empowering and leading the youth within Native Country.

Mr. Harvey is a strong advocate for addressing environmental concerns. Through his work, he serves as an Environmental ambassador extracting and distilling lessons from nature and culture to explore alternatives for a sustainable future to live more gently on our planet as Ambassadors of our environment. Mr. Harvey believes that attending Eastern Arizona College, as geology major is a step in the right direction to addressing environmental concerns within native communities.

Mr. Harvey is excited to be the voice for all within his region and throughout Native America. He is serving as a role model for the UNITY organization, which he aspires to continue to work toward a bigger goal of empowering and creating leaders of tomorrow. His biggest aspiration for his term is to create a foundation to continue youth success within the Western Region.