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Yung Sheng International Academy





A nonprofit school for students in rural locations

Yuan Sheng International Academy belonged to Vox Nativa Taiwan Association. It was established in 2018 as the first indigenous public-interest experimental school in Taiwan, supported by the private sector to carry on the care for young children in isolated places. To aid with the financial, academic, and life adjustment issues so they may continue on to college, we recruit high school students in Taiwan who are native to the rural areas.

    The YSIA choir includes all of the students. Students develop and boost their confidence via choir practice and performance exposure. The wonderful voices of the Indigenous people will be shared with the world by preserving their traditional songs and timbre, fusing them with contemporary music, and training the choir into a world-class ensemble. We encourage students to contribute back to society on their own by teaching them the principle of “Taking from the community, giving back to society.” As a result, the YSIA choir frequently receives invitations to and participates in benefit concerts hosted by nonprofit organizations.