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Does my vote actually matter? Yep, it definitely does! There are countless elections that have been decided by only a few votes. For example, a 2017 Virginia state election was tied, so the winner was selected by drawing names out of a bowl. Literally. There will be close races all over the country, and at least 10 states have senate or gubernatorial (governor) elections “where youth are poised to have a disproportionately high electoral impact in 2020.”

One vote matters. *Your* vote matters. And together, our votes have the collective power to decide the future of the country we want to see.

How do I vote by mail? First step: make sure you’re registered to vote. Then, unless you live in a state that automatically mails voters ballots, you must fill out an absentee ballot application. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, cast your vote by mailing it back or, in some cases, dropping it off at a vote center. Make sure to request and return your ballot before the respective deadlines in your state.
Note: Due to COVID-19, many states have temporarily changed their absentee ballot laws. In addition, USPS has delayed timelines for mail, so make sure to request your absentee ballot at least two weeks before the deadline and send in your ballot two weeks before the election.

Am I registered to vote? You should always make sure that your address is up-to-date! Use this resource to check if you’re registered, need to update your address, and more. Oh! And if you re-register, there’s no penalty. Better safe than sorry, right?

When are my elections? There are hundreds of local elections in each state. When you register, our friends at Rock The Vote can send you reminders about when elections are coming up in your state or city.


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