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Respect Opens Doors

Screenshot (80) - Karlin Tsotigh

2/3/2022 UNITY Southern Plains Earth Ambassador Karlin Tsotigh Check-In:

“I am happy to say that I was able to get what I needed to build up my Earth Ambassador platform. It took a while and it was harder than I thought, but I’m ready to build support for my environmental project. Having the community come beside you to encourage you and engage others helps any project succeed.

Personally, I also was able to push myself on the track team and am really starting to improve which is inspiring a lot of my friends. I learned that respect can open a lot of doors, and having no knowledge in a certain area, means you can learn a lot. For my track competitions, my friends were there, everything else was just me. People can encourage you and support you but at the end of the day, the track races require your personal dedication.

“Respect is the key that opens all doors.” It’s important to me because it is what I believe in. Respect opens new people up to you then you get new friends. Having respect for something opens you up to growing as a person as well.