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Southwest 2022 Updates

NCAI Native Youth Leadership Summit - NHI - Chenoa Scippio

In 2022 by I started my fieldwork hours for my graduation requirements and I have decided to complete them at Native Health Initiative. I am the main contact between NHI and other community organizations looking to partner.

This month, I have started attending meetings with NCAI to talk about a youth wellness initiative and being a guest presenter at their Youth Leadership Summit. I also spoke with the leadership at Petroglyphs National Monument and Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps to put together an ‘Indigenous Families Day’ event later on this semester. This month I partnered with Native Health Initiative, NCAI, Petroglyphs National Monument, and the Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps in Albuquerque.

” It is an honor to be asked to be the lead coordinator for the organization on multiple projects. It makes me feel other people are seeing me as a leader and mentor to younger people.” – Chenoa Scippio, National UNITY Southwest Rep