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Southwest Region May Monthly Report

6/19/2023 23:15:39 Derek Capitan Executive Committee member “I take great pride in being a student researcher on the UNM Campus and to be representing the Center for Water and the Environment and finding environmental solutions for Indigenous communities. Here we students were given an opportunity to talk about our research but with a cool twist through art.

Here is where us student researchers work with research mentors to create a communication project to educate the public on a water resource related issue that is currently being researched. The research used to produce the communication project can either be the student’s own or the research of their research mentor. Students select their own communications venues (paintings, podcasts, videos, etc.) and work together as a cohort to develop and refine their individual projects. Projects are then presented at the UNM Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference (UROC) in the spring semester and are posted on UNM websites.” It was a group activity of student researchers At the UNM Campus During the month of May I titled my project, ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. I used different mediums such as photography, painting, and sketching to best convey the message and goal of our research. Our research is to find any contaminant transport within our crops, plants, and water. In that I attempted to raise awareness for the security and protection of our way of life and natural resources. I think science communication is a highly effective way in describing research. Indigenous art is powerful and I hope I can utilize these efforts in future endeavors. Yes Please! Feature my progress toward my goals Southwest Laguna Pueblo/ Navajo