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UNITY Announces 5 Cash Prize Raffle Winners with Survey Findings

UNITY wishes to thank the 97 UNITY Youth Councils, 47 Advisors & 60 Individual Members who participated in the recent Accessibility Survey

Congratulations to the following 5 Raffle Winners,  who will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. Participants sent in their survey feedback online, via text or by U.S. mail:

  • Shaileen Gonzales, Hualapai female youth council representative, Western Region
  • Colby WhiteThunder, Alabama-Coushatta InnerVoice youth council male representative, Southern Plains Region
  • Toni Sandoval, Individual Member, The Klamath Tribes Youth Council, North West Region
  • Debra Toya, Sac & Fox Nation Youth Council Advisor, Great Plains Region
  • Jordan Gilman, Female Youth Council Representative for Thlopthlocco Tribal Town, North East Region

    UNITY Inc. values youth feedback. During these difficult times of social distancing, we understand that it is hard to connect to our community. We appreciate all of the efforts that Advisors and Native youth serving organizations are doing to continue offering services remotely. UNITY youth evaluations have helped shape many decisions on how best to proceed with the upcoming 2020 Virtual Conference. Below are some findings from the recent UNITY survey, inquiring how best UNITY can serve the Native youth from afar.
Representation Matters. Here are the UNITY Regions that took part in the survey:
UNITY inquired about youth council accessibility through sending out surveys in the mail, creating a text survey option as well as sending the online survey to contacts.
After reviewing the results, UNITY will be offering a complimentary USB drives, with the Virtual Conference recorded trainings on them, to be mailed (upon request) to those who do not have access to the internet or a personal computer.

Overall, participants expressed their sadness about not being able to meet in person, but still supported UNITY’s efforts to reach youth remotely.   

After careful consideration, the UNITY Board of Trustees have postponed this year’s National UNITY Council Executive Committee Virtual Elections, at the request of the current 2020 Executive Committee. The Elections will occur during the next in person 2021 National Conference Business Meeting.

Thank you again to all of the Youth Councils and Individual members who gave their feedback on how UNITY can better support Native Youth remotely. Representatives and Advisors were part of the:

  • Ak-Chin Youth Council
  • Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Inner Voice Youth Council
  • Anadarko UNITY Council
  • Bishop Tribal Youth Council
  • Bylas Youth Council
  • CDA Tribal youth council
  • Cesar Chavez High School Youth Council
  • Chahta Alla Youth Council
  • Cherokee Youth Council
  • Cheyenne Arapaho Youth Council
  • Chi-Nations Youth Council
  • Columbia river youth council
  • Cow Creek Tribal Youth Council
  • Crow Youth Council
  • Current Miss Pascua Yaqui
  • District #17 Youth Council
  • Dook’o’oo’sliid Youth Council
  • Earth Ambassadors
  • Eastern Band Of Cherokee Youth Council
  • Emerging Leaders Youth Advisory Council
  • Firekeepers Youth Council
  • Fort Berthold Unity Chapter
  • Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Youth Council
  • Ft. Yuma Quechan tribe
  • Gun Lake Tribe Youth Council
  • Gila River Youth Council
  • H.O.O.P.S
  • Haliwa Saponi Tribe
  • Hualapai Tribal Youth Council
  • Inner Voice Youth Council
  • Intertribal Youth of Orange County
  • Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma UNITY Youth Council
  • Kalispel Youth Council
  • Kewa Family Wellness Center Youth Coalition
  • Kewa TRUTH Youth Council
  • Kickapoo Youth Group
  • Klamath Tribes Youth Council
  • Lincoln Youth Council
  • Lutu’uria Youth Group
  • MBCI
  • Mesa Strength
  • Meskwaki settlement
  • Mile High UNITY
  • Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
  • Mohegan Tribe Youth Council
  • Mvskoke (Creek) Nation Youth Council
  • N8V Generation
  • Nakona Dakota Oyate Youth Council
  • Native American Youth Council
  • Navajo Nation Youth Advisory Council
  • Navajo Preparatory Nataanii Youth Council
  • Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe
  • New dawn Youth Council
  • Nooksack Tribal Youth Council
  • North Carolina Native American Youth Organization
  • Northland Community Schools UNITY Council
  • Page High School UNITY Club
  • Pascua Yaqui Tribal Youth Council
  • PBPN Youth Council
  • Phoenix Indian Center Future Inspired Native American Leaders Youth Council
  • PHS Unity Youth Council
  • UNITY Peer Guides
  • Pueblo of Zuni Youth Council
  • Pyramid Lake High School Unity
  • Pyramid Lake Jr High School
  • Red Earth Youth Council
  • Reno-Sparks Indian Colony UNITY
  • Riverton High School UNITY Council
  • Round Valley UNITY council
  • Sac & Fox Nation Youth Council
  • Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Youth Council
  • Salt River youth council
  • San Carlos Apache Tribe Youth Council
  • SCIT Youth Council
  • Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians
  • Shoshone Paiute Tribal Youth Council
  • Siletz Tribal Youth Council
  • Soboba TANF inter Tribal Youth Council
  • Suquamish Youth Council
  • Teesisik Milwaukee Ho-Chunk youth council
  • Tesuque Pueblo Youth Coalition
  • The Klamath Tribes Youth Council
  • The Mohegan Tribe Youth Council
  • Thlopthlocco tribal town youth council
  • Tohono O’odham Nation Youth Council
  • Tribal images youth Council
  • Tucson Native Youth Council
  • Tulalip Youth Council
  • Urban Ndnz youth council
  • Waccamaw Siouan Youth Circle
  • WahZhaZhi Youth Council
  • White Mountain Apache Tribal youth council
  • White Horse Schools Unity youth council
  • Walking through our history youth group (Pascua Yaqui)
  • Yakama nation youth council
  • Yamassee Youth Council
    For more information on these findings please email: