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Giving Programs

UNITY relies on the generous support from Tribal communities, corporations, organizations & foundations, grants and individual donors to provide our Native American and Alaska Native youth with culturally-relevant leadership development training and experiences.
Individual Donors are important.  Something sparked for them to give. They believe in the UNITY mission. Many have experienced the positive effects of UNITY in their personal or community life. Individual donors are more than stakeholders, they are part of the UNITY Family.

Your commitment to UNITY is greatly appreciated, and allows us to have direct impact and reach more than 3000 youth and advisors each year from rural and urban communities across the nation.

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 🙂 A donation for all of the important and wonderful work you do!  Danica, California
We appreciate your important work! We are pleased to be able to make this contribution in support of your impactful cultural healing work as part of our giving plan this year.  The Team at Ancestral Medicine, North Carolina  
Donation given in memory of the late Norm DesRosier, San Carlos, NM, a champion of Tribal culture and a leader in building the regulatory structure that supports Tribal Gaming.   Philip, South Dakota


I chose your organization to donate to as my birthday gift. I truly believe that our youth are the future. I am an educator and a lifelong learner. My blood is mixed with Tiwa, Chumash, Spanish, and Mexican. I am always eager to learn more of our history and our future.  Emily, Alabama