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Young River People’s Council Going Strong Through Everything


The Census is an extremely import process that the Salt River must take seriously. To ensure that the community is well informed we went door to door around the neighborhoods teaching community members how to fill out their census information properly and when to do it. It was a good experience for me, I’m glad that I get to be a part of this process and I hope that our canvassing has made in impact in making sure Salt River is counted.  – Sommer Lopez


As a youth council we attended a CPR and AED training. We practiced CPR on dummies and took a test to get certified in infant, child, and adult CPR. On behalf of the youth council we would like to thank Salt River Fire Department for taking time out of their day to teach us.  -Teegan Smith



With elections approaching, our youth council is preparing to Get Out the Vote and encourage our Community members to be civically engaged. During our spring break, we had presentations that gave insightful statistics on how our community and Indian Country can have an impact in both State and National elections. These elections greatly impact our communities and it’s important we exercise our right to vote so that we have good representation. Leading up to the elections, our youth council members will be registering Community members to vote.
-Nalani Lopez

The Youth Council came up with their favorite “Things to do during self quarantine”: 

  • -Meditate
  • -Go outside to get fresh air
  • -Exercise
  • -Read
  • -Call or facetime loved ones
  • -Clean and organize your space 
  • -Make healthy meals
  • -Learn something new on youtube
  • -Think good thoughts
  • -Catch up on sleep
  • -Play board games
  • -Watch live concerts on social media

COVID19 RESOURCES The Youth Council would like to share with others: 

For questions about joining the Young River People’s Council please email Christine Porter at: or call 480-362-7527