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Creating A Voting Environment in Oregon

Creating A Voting Environment – Native American Youth and Family Center

For the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), one of the biggest focuses for their Get Out the Vote plan is making sure people can focus on voting. This means understanding that getting people to vote is more than just registering voters, it’s about making sure their community has everything they need to prosper in all areas of life.

As a trusted community institution, NAYA serves over 2,000 individual Native American youth, adults, and elders and impacts more than 10,000 Indians living in the Portland area. As a service provider, NAYA knows that for people to feel engaged in a political process, individuals need to live in balance mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is referred to as the relational worldview and guides NAYA’s projects around educational, asset-building, and self-sufficiency programs for their community. They’ve also worked tirelessly to lobby and speak with lawmakers, to make sure they have a seat at the table and are advocating for this vision.

After making sure NAYA’s community is prosperous, it can then move onto their GOTV work with tried and true outreach methods. This includes setting up voter registration drives, providing ballot education, hosting candidate forums with local and statewide candidates, and serving as a ballot drop-off location. These efforts are made more successful because of NAYA’s deep roots in the community and the more than 40 years of showing people that they care about their wellbeing and who they are.
“NAYA Family Center understands the needs, issues, and concerns within our community,” says William Miller, NAYA’s Community Development Manager. “Despite a global pandemic, we are actively addressing these issues, working to engage community through our electoral process, and creating platforms which will progress civic engagement for years to come.”
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The Native Vote Can Define The Future