The UNITY Earth Ambassadors know that the time to address Climate Change is Now. Our people have always been earth protectors and caretakers. What better way to revitalize our cultural environmental teaching than on the 50th Anniversary or National Earth Day! Your Earth Ambassadors are proposing a Resolution for the NUC each host a UNITY Day collectively celebrating Earth Day together this April 22, 2020!    Learn more about UNITY Incentive Registration Prizes for Youth Council and Individuals. Read More Below.

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2020 UNITY Earth Day Resolution 

UNITY Earth Day Project Outline
UNITY Earth Ambassadors will lead the campaign for UNITY Earth Day Projects. The goal is to have as many Youth Councils and Individual Members as possible to take part in this Earth Day celebration. To qualify for Incentive Registration Prizes each of the Four Phases must be completed.

Complete this form to be eligable for UNITY Earth Day Incentive Registration prizes.

Youth Councils

1st Prize Three (3) National Conference Registrations (value $1200)
2nd Prize Two (2) National Registrations (value $800)
3rd Prize One (1) Registration (value $400)

Indivdiual Members

1st Prize Two (2) National Registrations (value $800)
2nd Prize One (1) Registration (value $400)

Phase #1 Signing Up – April 15
Youth Councils and Individual Members can sign up until April 15, 2020.

Phase #2 Filling the Project Report Form – April 15
UNITY will send a follow up Project Report Form to those who sign up to be completed and returned by April 15, 2020.

Phase #3 Social Media Sharing     Earth Day April 22 or April 15-27
On EARTH DAY April 22, participate by posting pictures & videos on your social media platforms or send pictures & videos to the UNITY Social Media Specialist during your event. If your event takes place before or after April 22nd, you can submit pictures and videos between April 15 – 27. #UNITYEarthDay 

Phase #4 Project Report & Survey April 30
UNITY will send a follow up Project Report & Survey Form to those who have submitted Phase #2 and # 3 to be completed and returned by April 30, 2020.

Winners will be announced Friday May 8, 2020.

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