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UNITY Earth Day Project Contest

The UNITY Earth Ambassadors know that the time to address Climate Change is Now. Our people have always been earth protectors and caretakers. What better way to revitalize our cultural environmental teaching than on the 50th Anniversary of National Earth Day! Your Earth Ambassadors passed a Resolution for the NUC each host a UNITY Day collectively celebrating Earth Day together this April 22, 2020!  Learn more about UNITY Incentives for Youth Council and Individuals, contest details and project ideas amid social distancing. 

#UNITYEarthDay   Sign up HERE!      

UNITY Earth Day Project Contest – The goal is to have many Youth Councils and Individual Members to take part in Earth Day celebration. UNITY Earth Ambassadors will lead the campaign for UNITY Earth Day Projects.
UNITY Earth Day Incentive Registration prizes
  • Youth Councils 1st Prize – 3 Conference Registrations,
    2nd Prize – 2 Conference Registrations,
    3rd Prize – 1 Conference Registration
  • Individual Members 1st Prize  – 2 Conference Registrations,
    2nd Prize – 1 Conference Registration
UNITY Earth Day Project Steps 
  • #1 SIGN UP Youth Councils and Individual Members Sign up HERE!  
  • #2 SHARE  EARTH DAY April 22 – during, before & after
        • Share pictures & videos on Facebook, Instagram, etc. #UNITYEarthDay  
        • Send pictures & videos Jared Massey
  • #3 REPORT Project & Complete Survey by April 30
        • UNITY will send a follow up Project Report & Survey Form
        •  Submitted by April 30
Winners will be announced Friday May 8, 2020    Sign up HERE!  


TIP SHEET – Developing a project amid Social Distancing

Social Distancing People & Projects
  • Youth Council members, as individuals, are encouraged to carry out Earth Day projects
  • Youth Councils may form small groups of 2 to 10 people to volunteer with Earth Day projects, if your community allows
Avoid close contact
Project Ideas
Awareness and Call to Action Campaigns, Personal Pledges, Advocate Individual Impact or Imprint
          • Zero Waste Lifestyle 
          • Recycling in the community
          • Indigenous / Clean Eating Lifestyle
          • Water preservation / restoration
          • Cultural learning / sharing to preserve Mother Earth 
          • Community Clean up
          • No Dumping Campaign 
          • Indigenous and traditional food 
            • Sharing knowledge and information, Sharing Recipes, Gardening and harvesting 
Who are you Targeting?
          • Community Leaders and Organizations
          • Families, Elders and Community members
          • Friends and Peers

Plan to reach out to those youth in your community that may be loners or have few friends. They may catch your passion to get involved as an Earth Protector.

Personal Pledge Thoughts and Questions
          • When will I get started?
          • What Steps do I need to take?
          • How will I impact the environment as one person?
          • Who can I challenge to partner with me? (UNITY Buddy System)
How to Campaign
Get the Word Out: Share Awareness and Call to Action Campaigns, Personal Pledge Challenge
          •  Invite People to Virtual Online Meetings 
                • Google Hangouts (Free), BlueJeans ( Free 14 day trial), 
          • Set up a Phone conference line and schedule a call
          • Stream live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
          • Facetime – Facebook, other video shares 
          • Record video messages to share  
          • Create a Facebook Group or Facebook Campaign page
          • Create a Group phone Texts or Facebook messenger
          • Email
Stay Connected as a Youth Council
Use the ways listed above to during this time and until in-person meetings can resume.

#UNITYEarthDay       Sign up HERE!