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Have you Mailed in Your Ballot Yet?

The date for Arizona is Oct 27th? What is the recommended day to mail back early ballots in your state? Make sure local Native youth around you know the deadlines and make a plan to vote and vote early. Youth voters are breaking down barriers and breaking records at the polls this year! Be a part of this movement!

How do I vote by mail? First step: make sure you’re registered to vote. Then, unless you live in a state that automatically mails voters ballots, you must fill out an absentee ballot application. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, cast your vote by mailing it back or, in some cases, dropping it off at a vote center. Make sure to request and return your ballot before the respective deadlines in your state.
Note: Due to COVID-19, many states have temporarily changed their absentee ballot laws. In addition, USPS has delayed timelines for mail, so make sure to request your absentee ballot at least two weeks before the deadline and send in your ballot two weeks before the election.

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