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Holiday Support for Native Youth

Prevention experts know that the holidays can be a tough time for those who suffer from depression, grief, and loss, and it’s just as important to support our youth during this time. Learn more about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and related resources by clicking the link. The Lifeline is free, confidential, and available 24/7. 1-800-273-8255


Here is a message to Native Youth from National UNITY Counci’s Female Co-President Brittany McKane:

“Nettv herusēt os! It is a beautiful day. Even if the weather is less than ideal wherever we may be, it is herusē (beautiful) because we all are waking up to a see new day of life. This morning, I am thinking about the ways we can take control of the things that seem overwhelmingly uncontrollable. I hope that today, no matter what kinds of people, attitudes, or scenarios cross your paths, you will remain decidedly, willingly positive. I encourage everyone to focus on the bigger picture of our purpose here, and our goals as young leaders. Think of the example that you are to thousands of youth across the country! Be confident in the trust that those amazing, incredibly capable youth have placed in you. I know we can all honor their faith in us by holding ourselves to high standards in how we think, speak, and act. Walk in a way that allows you to bestow goodness unto the world; to spread light and love wherever you may go.

Let’s aspire to be leaders who lead with love. Lead with kindness. Lead by example. Be the person you would have looked up to as a child in admiration of their goodwill.

Maybe try to take a minute to take calm, deep breaths to center yourself. I like to talk to Creator in that time. I ask to be guided and grounded in my teachings and the earth. Maybe at the end of the day, try breathing deeply again. Then, both thank and congratulate yourself for making it through the day. You guys are outstanding, I see so much potential and heart in all of you. You’re making your peoples and your ancestors proud. Keep going. Whatever may be on your heart or your mind right now, know Creator knows about you and he’s gonna make a way for you. All you have to do is ask.

I hope these words help you guys. I hope something was said that someone might have needed to hear. You guys are warriors man, and I hope to help take care of your minds and spirits! Have a wonderful day you guys. And remember that you are never alone in this.

Keep going! There are brighter days ahead. I promise you. ❤️❤️❤️