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Keeping up with the NUCEC Reps: Marla Mesarina

81E2D51E-247C-4A9E-B23E-3F55A49D8931 - Marla Mesarina

Midwest Rep. Mesarina attended the White House Tribal Youth Forum as the UNITY Midwest Regional Representative where she got the opportunity to participate in round table discussions with peers, listen to panel discussions about leading concerns in tribal communities, and speak directly to representatives to discuss their roles and answer any questions the youth have.

Marla lead her peers in an Ice Breaker as well as showcase an exhibition of Ojibwe style of Jingle Dress dancing during the reception at the National Museum of the American Indian. Marla worked together with UNITY alumni Hunter Genia to get on the agenda and present to the SAMHSA grantees of the Great Lakes Region about UNITY and how they can fund youth councils, especially since their mission statement falls into UNITY’s top ten issues. 

Our UNITY Youth Leaders are continuing to do amazing things! Stay tuned to keep up with what our Executive Committee and Earth Ambassadors.