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Klamath Tribes Youth Council wins national award

The Klamath Tribes Youth Council was recognized by the United National Indian Tribal Youth Inc. organization (UNITY) as the 2020 UNITY Youth Council of the Year. With over 320 youth councils across the U.S., The Klamath Tribes Youth Council stood out for their community involvement and cultural teachings.
Members of the Klamath Tribes Youth Council are co-chairs Hannah and Orville Schroeder, secretary Laura Schroeder, treasurer Shayla Ochoa, media director Aiyana Reyes and members-at-large Alivia Miller, Desmond Jackson, Lani Jackson, Leilonnie Wilson, Lila Barney-Tague, Maggie Hicks and Preston Lewis.

Each year the UNITY network selects one outstanding tribal youth council, based on their community service efforts and impact in their community. This year, more than 60 tribal youth councils from across the United States entered the contest.

UNITY is the oldest and largest Native American youth led organization in the United States. It was established in 1976 with the mission to foster spiritual, mental, physical, and social development of American Indian & Alaska Native youth.

by Tim Trainor of the Harold & News