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Meet HoChunk Leader Asia Rave

Youth Leader Submission: Hoocak rašra Hohaapjikereiga hiigaire Anaaga Maixete rašra Asia Ravega hiigaire, Nioxawanį eja haci haje. Nioxawani celebs hiyugeina. Hello, My Hochunk name is Morning light and my English name is Asia Rave. I am tribally affiliated with the Hochunk Nation in Western Wisconsin and surrounding areas and am the previous 153rd Jr miss Winnebago Nebraska (one of the oldest powwows in North America) and present Miss Nioxawani powwow princess. I am the daughter of Jeriah and Erin Rave and Michelle Rave. I have 8 siblings, including 7 who are also enrolled and am an advocate for the preservation of the Hochunk language as we are losing both our language and culture.

Two years ago, I took part in my Nations summer youth work enrichment programs as a language apprentice and continue to enroll in Hochunk speaking classes along with my participation in Native American Church ways. Not only am I heavily involved traditionally, I am a National sport athlete. I reside on Team Wisconsin for female wrestling at the national level. Throughout the state, I am ranked number 2 for my weight bracket, I am ranked 5th in the nation. I also am a participant in both track and field and volleyball at the varsity level, recently breaking my own high school record for shotput (40’3/4) and the all time block record in a game (11). During this time of participating in extracurricular activities, I have admitted a 4.0 GPA and am currently heading into the 11th grade. I look to head into the field of logistics to become an officer in the Marines and am looking to throw Shotput at the University of Madison as a D1 athlete in two years.

There are several community challenges that I wish to play an active role in addressing in my surrounding community. I strive to advocate for strong diligence against alcoholism and substance abuse in Native communities. I believe all people should help advocate for Repressed Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIW). I would also like to fight to help and counteract the diminishing art of learning and continuing languages across the country, including my own, but I would like to help struggling youth across the states.

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