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Thomas Henry’s vision for Saginaw Chippewa

Youth Leader Submission: Boozhoo Ginewanakwad ndiznikaaz miishiks ndoodem, Mount Pleasat nidojiba. Hello my spirit name is Golden Eagle Cloud, I am of the Turtle Clan and live in Mount Pleasant. My English name is Thomas Rae Henry, attending Mount Pleasant High School. As a member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, I enjoy running, playing guitar, skateboarding, and dancing at powwows. My interests are in fashion, native culture, traditional foods and medicines, our native language, politics, and economics. I run cross country and track and am the oldest sibling in my family. I take pride in having two sisters and a little brother who look up to me. I set a good example for the native youth in my community living a drug and alcohol free life.

I personally stand for equality among everyone. I would like to see a world were people don’t discriminate against someone for their sexuality, gender, race, religion, physical appearance, and their past. I want to see a world were people are seen for their personality. I want to see a world that’s drug and alcohol free, drugs and alcohol have ruined my uncles lives and I don’t want to have anyone else experience that, I will prevent these things from happening by informing the youth and adults not to discriminate and show them they are normal people who are just like them and to prevent the youth from using and abusing drugs and alcohol I will show them alternative ways to use their time for instance finding a new hobby exercising and healthy socializing.

Thomas Henry is an excellent example of how Native youth in the Midwest Region are striving for wellness locally  (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin). UNITY helps Inspire Hope in Native youth by sharing their peers stories of success. If you have an exceptional youth leader in your community, please share their story with UNITY by emailing to be featured on our website.