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UNITY and Nike N7 to Host “Hear Us. See Us. Rise Together” Webinar with Native American Athletes

November 13, 2020
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UNITY and Nike N7 to Host “Hear Us. See Us. Rise Together” Webinar with Native American Athletes
The webinar featuring Native American athletes Shauna Long, Madison Hammond and Lindy Waters III will focus on using sports to create positive change

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A first-of-its kind mental health guide created for students, by students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Young Americans are more stressed out than ever, and nearly half of Gen Z says they aren’t doing enough to manage stress. Young people could use some mental health support in 2020, especially with COVID-19 affecting over 55 million students in the US and millions more around the world. Through DoSomething’s New State of Mind campaign, powered by Blue Shield California as a part of the BlueSky Initative, thousands of young people submitted tips on how they’re getting through these especially tough times. We received 74,129 responses from DoSomething members, and we used them to create this first-of-its-kind crowdsourced mental health guide that’s for students, by students.

Check out their tips below on practicing self-care, dealing with the stress of digital learning, and supporting the mental health of those around you. (Plus, check out some additional resources at the bottom of this page.) And remember: the road to a healthier and happier generation starts right now with us.

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Get your water bottle ready!

This Sunday, Nov.1 marks the start of NB3’s annual Zero to 60 Challenge. The NB3 Foundation, and many of our relatives across the country are already signed up to take on the month-long challenge. Zero sugary drinks for 30 days! I won’t lie, the first couple days are rough, but making your family and coworkers do the challenge alongside you, helps with the temptation!
Don’t worry, we will be with you through the whole month sharing tips and resources to help us all get through the challenge together!
Visit the Zero to 60 Challenge page on our website for resources to help prepare.
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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources for Native Youth

In mid-September, the Center for Native American YouthNative Wellness InstituteWe R Native, and Tribal Health Reaching Out Involves Everyone (THRIVE) announced the “Native Youth Are Medicine Campaign.” This campaign aims to spark conversations around mental health, self-love, and to create youth-centered spaces to share practices that promote healing, wellness, and tools to live in balance. Check out their websites and social media/YouTube channels for a variety of virtual gatherings, including webinars, resource sharing, and discussions to promote wellness for Native American youth.

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UNITY Inspire Hope Video Messages during Covid-19

At the height of the  Covid-19 pandemic, UNITY Peer Leaders from the NUC Executive Committee, Earth Ambassadors and Peer Guides Joined together to offer these messages of Hope for other Native youth to keep striving for wellness. Watch and Share these UNITY Videos with others to continue to Inspire Hope in Indian Country. Read More

Restoring & Empowering the Native Vote: 3, 2, 1: VOTE

Last week, a national coalition of nine organizations dedicated to civil rights and racial justice, supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, were proud to launch 3,2,1: VOTE! – a video series designed to inspire everyone to vote. Check out these 10 engaging conversations with changemakers working to ensure every voice is heard!

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UNITY We Have Hope Q&A with Lance James

We’re excited for this week’s special guest, Lance Christensen Jr. from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Just last week, Lance qualified for the 2020 High School Golf National Invitational at North Carolina’s Pinehurst Resort. This is a story of inspiration and hope you don’t want to miss! Read More

The effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of Indigenous communities

View on MedicalNewsToday

In the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Indigenous communities to a disproportionate degree. In this Special Feature, we bring into focus some of the mental health effects and challenges that Indigenous people face as a result of the pandemic.
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Keeping Running Indigenous, In Today’s Modern Day

Today’s mainstream perspective of “health and fitness” changes by the decade, yet the interpretation of that very phrase, “health and fitness” can differ greatly from calling it “health and wellness”.  For some, exercise gives an energy and confidence boost for the day,while for some others, exercise means working out or training to lose weight and looking good. The simple fact of getting up to move and challenging ourselves has a different purpose for everyone.

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