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The best place to learn your language, is around the dinner table

It’s no secret, that during this time of a pandemic, many students have struggled to meet and socialize, or learn and interact with their culture. With the current challenges present in our communities, some native students have been creative in their own projects learning their culture. In this week’s highlight, we would like to spotlight a personal project that Brooke Thompson, a UNITY 25 under 25 awardee, has done for herself. The project she created, were laminated dinner mats with common table items names in her language. Brooke was kind enough to share a little bit about the idea behind her projects as well as some images of her table mats. Read More

Indigenous 20 Something Project Gathering

The Native Wellness InstituteCenter for Native American Youth and, We R Native are partnering together “calling in” all Indigenous young people, who are in their late teens through early 30’s, to come join in on this unique collaboration where we will gather virtually to learn, share, connect and strategize ways to help this generation let go of things that no longer serve them in a good way and how to better live a life of balance.

The gathering will take place January 19 & 20, 2021. Registration is FREE for all attendees! For more information, click here. Read More

Tele-Native Youth: Traditional Foods webinar

Watch this online webinar for an educational discussion on Traditional Foods with former UNITY 25 under 25 Awardee, CNAY Champion for Change & founder of Indigikitchen, Mariah Gladstone, Taos Pueblo Youth Advocate, Brandon Lujan, and our special guest world renowned Indigenous Chef, Sean Sherman the Founder & CEO of The Sioux Chef. One key element of UNITY Wellness Warriors is helping Native youth have access to traditional food and the knowledge it carries. Learn more at www.unityinc.org under the Wellness Warriors tab. Read More

Tele-Native Youth: The Show Must Go On! webinar

Watch as CNAY welcomes Theland Kicknosway, Jonna Brady, Whitney Rencountre and Tiny Rosales to talk about how they continue to build community and celebrate their culture during the pandemic. During “The Show Must Go On!” one participant shared “This Sicangu Lakota elder has been following the Social Distance Pow wow page since it’s inception. Keeps me connected and up to date.”  Let UNITY know if you have any other resources you use to connect and stay well during the pandemic. Wellness is a key priority, share resources with your community and local Youth Councils. Read More

Tele-Native Youth: Resilient Communities & COVID-19 Webinar

Watch and learn with Navajo-Hopi Covid-19 Relief Fund organizer & CNAY Youth Advisory Board Member Shandiin Herera, Yellowbird Life Ways Center organizer Florence Whiteman, and former Deputy Director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Stephen Ostroff to discuss all things COVID-19. Read More

UNITY and Nike N7 to Host “Hear Us. See Us. Rise Together” Webinar with Native American Athletes

November 13, 2020
Media Contact: Cassidy Rue | 623.692.6818

UNITY and Nike N7 to Host “Hear Us. See Us. Rise Together” Webinar with Native American Athletes
The webinar featuring Native American athletes Shauna Long, Madison Hammond and Lindy Waters III will focus on using sports to create positive change

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Native Youth are Medicine Native Youth Report

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the CNAY at the Aspen Institute will release the 5th Annual State of Native Youth Report on November 24, 2020. The theme of this year’s report is Native Youth are Medicine – highlighting the strength and resilience of Native youth. “The best advice was given by a man named Joseph Marshall – when you know the story about injustice, you have the responsibility. The injustice that has occurred for far too long with those who were here at the start of America has to stop” said Sen. Byron Dorgan. Watch and learn how UNITY Youth Councils can address the needs of our communities found in this report. Explore more resources under the Opportunity Tab at www.unityinc.org Read More


A first-of-its kind mental health guide created for students, by students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Text saying: "New State of Mind: Youth Mental Health Guide" on top of a black and green gradient background.

Young Americans are more stressed out than ever, and nearly half of Gen Z says they aren’t doing enough to manage stress. Young people could use some mental health support in 2020, especially with COVID-19 affecting over 55 million students in the US and millions more around the world. Through DoSomething’s New State of Mind campaign, powered by Blue Shield California as a part of the BlueSky Initative, thousands of young people submitted tips on how they’re getting through these especially tough times. We received 74,129 responses from DoSomething members, and we used them to create this first-of-its-kind crowdsourced mental health guide that’s for students, by students.

Check out their tips below on practicing self-care, dealing with the stress of digital learning, and supporting the mental health of those around you. (Plus, check out some additional resources at the bottom of this page.) And remember: the road to a healthier and happier generation starts right now with us.

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Get your water bottle ready!

This Sunday, Nov.1 marks the start of NB3’s annual Zero to 60 Challenge. The NB3 Foundation, and many of our relatives across the country are already signed up to take on the month-long challenge. Zero sugary drinks for 30 days! I won’t lie, the first couple days are rough, but making your family and coworkers do the challenge alongside you, helps with the temptation!
Don’t worry, we will be with you through the whole month sharing tips and resources to help us all get through the challenge together!
Visit the Zero to 60 Challenge page on our website for resources to help prepare.
Remember Water First! Read More

Tele-Native Youth: Laughter is Medicine

Join our hilarious guest comedians; Kasey Nicholson from Krazy Kasey Comedy, Bobby Wilson from the 1491’s, Vincent Short from Social Distance Powwow, and acclaimed powwow emcee Ruben Littlehead.  Read More