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Wellness Warriors challenge: BAH KHO-JE Restoration

The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s newly formed Youth Council completed their UNITY Wellness Warrior’s Community Service Project named BAH KHO-JE Restoration this year. The youth spent one day making traditional footballs out of Elk Skin, taught to them by an Elder in the tribe. The next day they had a day of Indian Football we call Tawe Thi. There was healthy food and education booths at the registration for the event. After booth participation, the tribe’s Business Council Person and UNITY Co-Advisor, Eagle McClellan,  came said a few words of support and offered a blessing over the food and event. A healthy breakfast of bananas and peanut butter was served before the first game. Played in the traditional way of the homemade ball being rolled into the field between the two teams, guys were able to kick and throw the ball while the girls on each team could also pick the ball up and run with it while in their possession. It didn’t take long before strategies and plans  were made to get that ball across the goal lines, even once a team picking up a girl player and carrying her across the goal line, which is traditionally permitted. Read More

UNITY youth leader leads team to NABI championship 

The 2018 Native American Basketball Invitational kicked off on July 8, 2018 in Maricopa, Arizona. The annual national tournament brings young athletes from across the United States and New Zealand to the desert for the largest rumble of “Rez ball.”  Joining the action this year was UNITY youth leader, Coach Santana “Sonny” Johnson of Team Indigenous, hailing from Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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Save the Date! Free Webinar: Healthy First Foods

On Wednesday, June 13th, UNITY’s Wellness Warriors will be hosting the first of a series of health and wellness webinars focused on healthy lifestyle choices and how you can positively impact your community.

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UNITY Wellness Warriors team at NB3’s Healthy Kids! Healthy Future! conference

UNITY’s Wellness Warriors team had the opportunity to attend the NB3 Foundations’s Healthy Kids! Healthy Futures! conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Held at the Sandia Resort, the two-day conference was a great opportunity for those serving health and wellness programs in Indian country. Presentations ranged from health and fitness to healthy dietary alternatives, with motivational trainings presented throughout the conference.

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UNITY Wellness Warriors Indigenous Food Tasting a Success

In April, UNITY celebrated its 42nd birthday with an open house and an Indigenous food tasting.  Supporting the mission of UNITY’s Wellness Warriors initiative, which encourages Native youth to explore health lifestyles of their ancestor and cultural teachings, UNITY invited youth to share a traditional dish from their community. Various dishes were brought representing cultures and tribes from the Southwest, Pacific Northwest and the Great Plains.

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Share Your Traditional Foods on UNITY’s Free Mobile App

UNITY’s Wellness Warriors App is a health and wellness app aimed at inspiring Native communities to live healthier lifestyles through cultural approaches to health. Native people have always been active in their daily life, and traditional food has always provided a balance of nutrition.  Read More

Midyear Survey Winners & Youth Evaluation Resources

On behalf of Bowman Performance Consulting (BPC), UNITY’s external evaluation team, we would like to congratulate all the youth that participated in the Midyear Conference January 2-5, 2018 in Tempe, AZ.   The new and deepening relationships and new learning that you’re using to be a Wellness Warrior will strengthen you and your communities!  Thank you to the 139 participants who took the UNITY Mid-Year conference evaluation survey too! After a random drawing of survey takers, the following winners will receive a $25 electronic Amazon gift card courtesy of BPC:

  1. Steve Harvey
  2. Nataly Llamas
  3. Priscilla Ortiz
  4. Cyndee Miller

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Wellness Warriors App Traditional Food Spotlight: Blue Corn Mush

UNITY’s Wellness Warriors’ App is a health and wellness app, aimed at encouraging Native people to live healthier lifestyles.  Native people have always been active in their daily life, and traditional food has always provided a balance of nutrition.  The UNITY Wellness Warriors App provides an avenue for Native people to share healthy and traditional foods. This week we are spotlighting the latest food recipe upload by Chenoa Tso, it is a traditional Navajo recipe for Blue Corn Mush. The ingredients are simple, and the process is easy, to check out this dish go to the Culture food section in the Wellness Warriors app.

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The Rocky Mountain Wellness Warrior: Jacob Hugs

Wellness Warrior Jacob Hugs of the Salish and Crow Nations is the 2017-2018 Rocky Mountain Representative on the National UNITY Council and a Junior at St Ignatius High School. Jacob embodies the impact that the UNITY experience can have on native youth. “I have been coming to UNITY now for 3 years and it has been life-changing for me personally. Not only me but my friends also. With all the trainers, guest speakers and amazing youth and staff who run the conferences and gatherings, it truly has inspired me!” says Hugs, “I want to be a leader for the native youth on my reservation and even the adults. I am committed to being drug and alcohol-free for my people.” Read More