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Southwest Region April Monthly Report

6/19/2023 22:21:27 DJ Capitan Executive Committee member I applied to Earth Ambassadors and rightfully so. It falls right in line with what I’m studying which is environmental engineering. We share common values in that we are saving, protecting, and finding new ways in how we treat mother earth. I spent the month reflecting before applying to the position and began of thinking what I could do to be the best version of myself during this time. I was grateful to hear the words of previous Earth Ambassadors just to get an idea and sense of what to expect. Thankfully I was selected to be an ambassador and I am looking forward to getting to work. Earth Ambassadors I will be representing Earth Ambassadors from the region of the Southwest During the month of April (Application duration) The EC had a much needed business meeting in February where we were reminded of our duties within the different cohorts of UNITY. We were reminded to branch out and to get involved within the organization. We were told that our leadership should be expanded beyond EC, to earn our stripes so Earth Ambassadors it was. Yes Please! Feature my progress toward my goals Southwest Laguna Pueblo/ Navajo