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UNITY Earth Ambassador’s Native Seed Saving Project

UNITY Youth Submission from Earth Ambassador: Gabriella Nakai

“I remember the teachings of my Nalis’ and the land back at home and began to share my produce from the garden with others who often don’t find a truly fresh farm-to-table produce in the city. Now, I am beginning to focus on Native heirloom produce, which has grown in this valley, from time to memorial. I believe this is the food our bodies crave and may hold the key to returning us to health and wellness. The return of the foods is an exercise of the Native sovereignty, and by growing it I exercise an act of environmental sovereignty.”

“I have started collecting produce from my garden, and have begun giving it back to Native non-profits, for distribution to their clientele. The produce is indigenous grown (by me and my family) and sourced (from native seed banks or traditional seeds I have saved previously), and it includes instructions on how to save and replant the seeds. I don’t want my project to be a moment in time; I truly want to make an impact on my community because I see the disparities that occur within Native health.”

 “I want more indigenous peoples to understand how to listen to the earth, and give back to the earth. I am very passionate about my project and want many people to know about it so that it is something that I can enjoy doing for a very long time. My school caught on to how important it was to me, and I was awarded at a Scottsdale Unified School District Board meeting, about my project. It’s something that is very important to me because of the food scarcity I see happening back at home, not the reservation. ” 

Learn more in Nakai’s Indian Country Today Interview: (starting at 4:02) “A Phoenix family is growing a garden in their front yard and now they’re harvesting more than they can eat.” Carina Dominguez has more.

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