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UNITY’s “Music is My Medicine” Virtual Concert

Calling all Native youth instrumentalists and vocalists to participate in
UNITY’s Music is My Medicine virtual concert!

Limited to the first 6 who respond! Send an email with your reply before submitting a video to secure your spot!

Those selected will be asked to submit a 30-60 second clip of you playing your instrument or singing one of your favorite musical selections. Instrumentalists are encouraged to play any type of music with or without accompaniment. Feel free to perform original pieces that you have written, but remember selections may not be longer than 60 seconds.

Selected participants must start their video with an introduction – tribe, age, where you’re from. Also please include a line on how music has played a healing role in your life (this will not be part of the 30-60 second selection). All introductions should be less than 30 seconds.

Feel free to wear clothing that represents who you are. Examples of this are cultural garments, beaded jewelry, turquoise, etc. or formal wear, brands you love, etc., We are excited to get see and hear you play.

Think if a place to film your video that is free from unnecessary distractions. This can be in your house or anywhere that represents where you are from. If you have any questions, please contact: Michelle McCauley at

A Few Tips:

  • It’s best to do a few takes instead of one.
  • Make sure you are filming in landscape mode rather than phone upright as it will show up in video much better
  • Make sure there are not excess noises and people interrupting your video as extra noised will make it hard to hear your selections.
  • Plan out a 30 min point in time and tell your family or others who you live with so they can help you or plan to be quiet for that amount of time

If you are selected, we will share a link for you to send your video.
Don’t Delay! The deadline for selected videos is SUNDAY, JULY 19 AT 5 PM PST (8 PM EST).

PDF Music is Medicine Virtual Concert