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2024 Warrior’s Path Conference


Mesa Public Schools Native American Education Program recently held their annual Warrior’s Path Conference on Wednesday, May 1st. Students gathered at Scottsdale Community College for the 8th annual conference to delve into indigenous Identity, Health & Wellness, Walking in Two Worlds, and Leadership. UNITY was invited to help facilitate Native students through discussions about healing and wellness and how they can implement these discussion topics into their communities.

In our Healing Circle workshop, we touched on topics such as teaching youth to host community asset mapping as a strength-based approach to community development and recognizing key community advocates and resources. Students could identify how their community, tribe, and schools practice wellness and what strengths they have to offer to combat community challenges. After the breakout sessions were complete, the students were then encouraged to visit the college & career booths, which UNITY also participated in. Overall, the event was a success and a great close-out to the 2024 school year.
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