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Eastern Arizona College Intertribal Club to join the National UNITY Council

The Eastern Arizona College Intertribal Club is taking steps to join the National UNITY Council. The EAC Intertribal club is one of the oldest student organizations on the college campus located in Thatcher, Arizona. Most of the members are affiliated with tribes in Arizona but one member is from Alaska.

UNITY‘s executive director Mary Kim Titla, San Carlos Apache, visited with club members last month and attended a dedication ceremony for a student crosswalk to ensure student safety on campus. Titla, a graduate of EAC, was a member of the inter-tribal club and also served as Miss Indian Eastern Arizona College while a student there in 1980.
“UNITY is super excited to welcome the EAC Intertribal Club as an affiliated student organization. We welcome all Native American clubs or Intertribal clubs who are associated with high schools or colleges,” said Titla. For more information on how to join the National UNITY Council, go to
Pictured above: UNITY Executive Director Mary Kim Titla attends a ribbon cutting ceremony held to recognize the Intertribal Club at Eastern Arizona College for its community service work. The group painted a student  crosswalk to promote safety on campus.

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