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From Mountain Springs to Classroom Dreams: Earth Ambassador Podcast

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Meet Anagali! He is from Stilwell, Oklahoma, and is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. For high school, he attended Sequoyah Indian Charter School in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He is a current first year at Brown University studying Critical Native American Studies and Organismal Biology/Environmental Science.
Current Earth Ambassador Anagali Duncan uses poetry to address pressing environmental concerns, focusing on the sacredness of water in Indigenous traditions. Anagali explains his Earth Ambassador platform for protecting water rights in his hometown in Northeast Oklahoma from contamination. Tune in to explore the powerful role of native youth empowerment in shaping our planet’s future.

Through the program, the ambassadors will learn practical methods to raise awareness and engagement about the issues affecting the environmental quality of Native lands. The group also promotes efforts to address environmental concerns within the nation’s Native communities. Topics covered by previous cohorts have included recycling, conservation, regeneration, and restoration.

UNITY Earth Ambassadors will also have unique opportunities, coordinated through UNITY, to take their message to tribal and governmental agency representatives and lawmakers, and others committed to environmental stewardship. Native youth from across the nation will learn from the Earth Ambassador’s environmental platforms through a series of workshops offered at the upcoming National Conference. These opportunities, in addition to others, will amplify their advocacy efforts and help foster community engagement with their peers.

“Our newest class of Earth Ambassadors shares a commitment to protecting Mother Earth and implementing ideas to sustain our natural environment for future generations,” said Mary Kim Titla, UNITY executive director. “As one of its core components, UNITY recognizes that conservation should be a year-round commitment. These young people are up to the challenge of making that happen.”

The newly selected ambassadors were nominated by a community member, meeting criteria that included demonstrating leadership potential, showing an interest in protecting the environment, and experience and participation in community service projects.