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HILI Highlight: Boys & Girls Clubs Best Practices Mentoring Native Youth

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This resource contains tips and recommendations for mentoring practitioners for enhancing cultural competence in their work with Native youth. It includes information about cultural norms and cross-cultural communication as well as tips for training and retaining mentors, with specific information about training non-Native mentors.

Guide and Handbook

The UNITY Peer Guides and Healing Indigenous Lives Initiative is dedicated to spreading awareness of available resources to Native youth to help increase community safety, protective factors and reduce youth risky behaviors contributing to juvenile delinquency.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the most at-risk population in the United States is American Indian/Alaskan Native youth (ages 15-24), who face serious disparities in a number of areas, including health, education, and safety. Mentoring underserved and underrepresented youth has been identified as an effective, low-cost method of increasing self-esteem, providing positive role models, and discouraging anti-social behaviors. The following are recommendations for mentoring programs and mentors that aim to increase access and visibility for Native youth.

Native Clubs continue to play a critical role in care, safety, and support of Native youth. As the preeminent Native youth serving organization, Boys & Girls Clubs on Native Lands have risen to meet the rapidly changing needs of our communities – but need your continued support as we continue to thrive and sustain.

As Indigenous people and stewards of the next generation of Native youth, we know the depth of our own resiliency as well as our interconnectedness during trying times. Your financial support helps more Native Clubs tap into that resiliency as we revitalize and sustain our crucial programming in ways that prioritize the safety and sovereignty needs of our communities. With your help, we can continue to offer services that are remote, virtual or hybrid to keep Native youth learning, growing and building the Great Futures they deserve.