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HILI Highlight: Safe Routes Program

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OJJDP-Sponsored, October 2017. This fact sheet provides information about the Safe Routes Program in which youth identify a place they can go when they feel unsafe in their own home. NCJ 252020. 6 pages.

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The UNITY Peer Guides and Healing Indigenous Lives Initiative is dedicated to spreading awareness of available resources to Native youth to help increase community safety, protective factors and reduce youth risky behaviors contributing to juvenile delinquency.

Why is the Safe Routes Program Important?

The Safe Routes Program serves as an activity that youth can use to identify their safe place, as well as people they feel safe around during an emergency. It can also be used as an emergency response resource in the event a child goes missing. With the high rates of crime that happen on many reservations and within Native communities, it provides law enforcement with a place to search based on what the child has identified as a safe place. In addition, those people that the youth have identified can be used to assist an investigation.