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HILI Highlight: Child Protection Guide for Tribal Communities

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Child Protection FAQ and Guide for Tribal Communities

OJJDP-Sponsored, October 2017. This guide provides Tribal communities with an understanding of expectations, steps for an initial response, and frequently asked questions for when a child goes missing. 3 pages. NCJ 251733.

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The UNITY Peer Guides and Healing Indigenous Lives Initiative is dedicated to spreading awareness of available resources to Native youth to help increase community safety protective factors and reduce youth risky behaviors contributing to juvenile delinquency. 

Knowing the Expectations If your child has gone missing, you may be unsure of what law enforcement professionals will expect of you, and vice-versa. Knowing what the expectations are will help you to understand the role of investigators, the steps they are required to take during an initial response, and why being prepared before an emergency is critical. Remember, the initial response to a missing or abducted child will directly impact the outcome of a case. Thus, the more you know about the process, the higher the likelihood of a successful recovery. Below are just a few of the first steps investigators are required to take during an initial response, and what you should be prepared for.