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#IWillLive: RISING SUN online toolkit

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RISING SUN – Reducing the Incidence of Suicide in Indigenous Groups – Strengths United through Networks Toolkit

The RISING SUN toolkit was the culmination of a community-based and consensus-building process to identify common outcomes and their measures for evaluating suicide prevention efforts across the circumpolar North.
It’s objective is to provide a web-based toolkit that facilitates the use of a common language for data sharing, assessments, and the interpretation of research findings related to suicide prevention in the Arctic region.

Click here for the Toolkit:

Impact summary

The RISING SUN toolkit is designed to include:

  • Information on the determinants of suicide across the Arctic
  • A general introduction to suicide prevention efforts in circumpolar Indigenous communities
  • Guidance on how to alleviate this public health threat and lessons learned from communities that have successfully implemented effective suicide prevention interventions
  • A collection of community-based, prioritized outcomes and measures to assess the impact and effectiveness of suicide prevention interventions being implemented across the circumpolar Arctic
  • Strategies with best practices for using the toolkit

“When you have a strong sense of who you are, there is no room in your heart for self-destruction.” –  Alaska Native Elder