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New Scholarships Available from American Indian College Fund

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Full Circle Scholarship is OPEN!

The application is now open for the College Fund’s Full Circle Scholarship for Native students. CLICK HERE to learn more about this fantastic opportunity and apply! Share with your friends at

Visit the College Fund’s Student Resources pages to explore these and many more opportunities.

NEW Scholarships for Most California Tribes!

The College Fund is offering a new scholarship, available to most California tribal members. Visit the scholarship information page, and learn more about Up to $20,000 is available each year funding opportunities for Native students seeking associates, vocational, and bachelors degrees!



Washington Gaming Scholarships
Native students in Washington can apply for undergraduate and graduate scholarships by the MAR 31 deadline.
Summer Scholarship Support
Native students can apply for Summer scholarship support through American Indian Services. Apply by APRIL 1st!
Cobell Scholarship Extended!!!
Cobell Scholarships have extended the deadline for their undergraduate and graduate scholarship opportunities to MAY 15. Click here to learn more & apply!

NABI Basketball Scholarship
Participants in the NABI Basketball Tournament can apply for a $10,000 scholarship. Apply by MAY 1st HERE!
AIGC Scholarship Opportunities
A number of different undergraduate and graduate scholarship opportunities are available to Native students from AIGC. Apply by MAY 31st!
Mars Research Essay Scholarship
Undergraduate students can win up to $5,000 by researching a NASA Mars 2020 Launch partner and writing an essay about it’s necessity. Submit by MARCH 31st!
Wisconsin Technical Scholarships
Wisconsin Public Service is partnering with the Technical College System to provide scholarships to area high school seniors. Learn more about this program and Apply HERE by APRIL 30th!
Career Pathways Scholarship
This scholarship supports high school seniors and those with a GED seeking a 2-year degree, trade or certificate in Northern New Mexico. Apply by APRIL 19th
Diversity Broadcast Scholarship
$5,000 is available to minority broadcast journalism students with financial need. Learn more and apply by APRIL 26th!
Starbucks College Achievement
Receive 100% tuition coverage for a first-time bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program. Choose from over 80 diverse undergraduate degree programs. Learn more HERE!

Find even more opportunities on the College Fund’s Additional Scholarships Page, or by checking our FacebookTwitter or Instagram feeds for posts about upcoming deadlines!

Scholarship applications are now open for students from the Navajo Nation.
A whole month of deadlines are approaching in APRIL.
$3,600 is available to Hopi tribal members. Students must apply by MAY 31st.

Email Student Success Services at, or call 800-776-3863
American Indian College Fund | 8333 Greenwood BlvdDenver, CO 80221