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Your story matters because you matter

“We were all tribal people at one time. No matter where you come from. Learn about your heritage. Your family lineage is an important part of your personal story,” said Mary Kim Titla, UNITY Executive Director, speaking earlier this month at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) in Grand Junction, Colorado. Titla was invited to share her insights about the power of storytelling and how effective storytelling can help others, build confidence, and bring about change.
“When we educate each other about our identities, our beliefs, our life experiences, we can build bridges of understanding. We are all guilty of being ignorant of various ethnic groups. My goal, when speaking to any group, is to challenge everyone to learn about themselves and each other as a way to promote harmony and to bring about positive change in our views of one another,” said Titla. While at CMU, Titla also spoke to a journalism class and creative writing class about her 20-year career in TV News.

Titla’s lecture helped to advance the legacy of the late Professor of Anthropology Barry Michrina. In addition to awarding a scholarship each spring to a student with Native American ancestry, the Barry Michrina Memorial Fund brings a guest speaker to Colorado Mesa University each year who focuses on topics related to Michrina’s diverse interests. Titla’s visit was the seventh annual in the Michrina series.