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Pacific Region May Monthly Report

6/20/2023 11:27:58 Kaytlynn Johnston Executive Committee, Pacific Region Representative ”
• 5/7/23
Bishop Tribal Youth Council meeting
A regular meeting of the BTYC, Ice Breaker, light meal, check in (attendance), review agenda, discuss upcoming activities. In the meeting the BTYC group discussed upcoming activities workshops and our involvement in upcoming community activities.
7 in attendance
• 5/21/23
BIEC Cultural Center community service Day # 1
We assisted in weeding of the natural plant gardens at the Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center, we also scraped the old, chipped paint off the sidewalks and prepared the surface for the next day of community service painting and restoration for upcoming events. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
6 in attendance
• 5/22/23
BIEC Cultural Center community service Day # 2
The Bishop Tribal Youth Council and other community members met at the Cultural Center to complete the restoration project and painting of the sidewalks multiple students began the painting of the edges and the other students began painting with rollers and after the event completed the entire length of sidewalk painting at the Cultural Center. 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
10 in attendance
• 5/25/2023
Student recognition at the BIEC
The Bishop Indian Education Center hosted a day of activities and events for the end of the year for the tutoring program.
• 5/25/23
Memorial Day Flag placing
In support of and with collaboration with the Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center provided the flags and the BTYC members refreshed the flags and located plots that had the service member marking to place as many flags as we could find plots to place them.
3 in attendance
• 5/27/23
Mule Days Parade participation
Bishop Tribal Youth Council members assisted by either carrying the banner for the float or by riding on the float with our Miss Bishop Paiute Tribe and Council members, one of our BTYC members is Miss Pabanamanina she was invited to ride to represent BTYC and her royalty title.
3 in attendance
Upcoming activities:
• Bishop Tribal Youth Council Meetings: BIEC 6/4/23 and 6/18/23
• BPT EMO presentation at BIEC open to the community 6/12/23
• Ribbon Skirt workshop 6/7/23 to 6/28/23 (4) sessions 10 participants
• BTYC UNITY Trip 6/28/23 to 7/5/23″ Myself as well as the bishop tribal youth council Bishop California, Bishop Paiute Tribe MAY “don’t be afraid to help your community, it’s so appreciated” Yes Please! Feature my progress toward my goals Pacific Bishop Paiute Tribe Of California