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Read UNITY’s Annual Report

2020 is a year many will remember for different reasons. 

In UNITY’s second annual report, you will read how the organization navigated through an unprecedented pandemic. When challenges abound, teamwork is key. This past year so many people stepped up to the plate to ensure UNITY stayed the course to reach Native youth around the country. To sum it up in a few words, it’s been a year of opportunities. In this annual report, you will read about:

  • The Top Ten Issues selected by Native youth
  • Resolutions to promote healing and revitalize cultural environmental teachings
  • A Congressional Oversight Hearing to address mental health issues
  • Webinars featuring Native youth movers and shakers
  • Innovative trainings developed for youth by youth
  • Town Halls addressing safety and advocacy

… and more.

The UNITY 2020 Annual Report gave us a chance to showcase the resilience of Native youth. It’s truly been a year of online connections. And you have been a big part of it. Thank you for your feedback—both validating and constructive—as we continue to collaborate and grow together. Stay safe and remember, self-care matters.

CLICK HERE for UNITY’s 2020 Annual Report