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Southern Plains March Monthly Report

6/1/2023 11:09:16 Elwood McClellan Jr Southern Plains Representative The month of march was extremely productive. I was able to get in contact with a few different Indian education departments to get information out on steps to creating a UNITY youth council and obtaining a “good standing” status. To close out the month, we had our regional meet up collaboration with the Great Plains region. We really like the idea of merging our meet ups to get acquainted with neighboring regions and constructively discussing the ways to address aspects in our communities that we would like to see change. Great Plains and Indian education departments Tryon Throughout the month of March Throughout this life there are various barriers and obstacles that society has constructed. Once we break away from imitations of what normalcy is, we will be able to reignite our power and inspire. Yes Please! Feature my progress toward my goals Southern Plains Iowa tribe of oklahoma, Otoe, and Sac&Fox