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Southwest Region March Monthly Report

6/19/2023 20:55:23 Derek Capitan Executive Committee member Myself and the madam president, Chenoa Scippio, were able to head to the Zuni Pueblo community to introduce UNITY. This meet up was planned during our southwest healing circle back in December 2022. We got to meet some awesome members of the community and have established a great relationship that will transcend into the future. It was a small lil group, team effort. Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico March 13th, 2023 It all started back at the healing circle and I have to give credit to the previous EC for organizing a platform for our communities to voice their voices. It was brought to my attention that some communities of the Southwest were not exposed to UNITY and what they were about. I just felt the obligation to go to these communities like Zuni to see and say what’s up. There are so many communities out there in which I hope I can reach as many as I can. Yes Please! Feature my progress toward my goals Southwest Laguna Pueblo/ Navajo