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Traditional Skirt Day and Shirt Day at UNITY 2021


Since 2018, UNITY has created a special day calling for Native youth to wear their traditional shirt and traditional skirt from their respective tribes. It has since become a colorful display of various styles of ribbon skirts and shirts.

The idea began with the 2018 national conference theme of “Answering the Call of Our Ancestors,” which highlighted our Native sister’s through a UNITY TRADITIONAL SKIRT DAY! “She is Her Ancestors Prayers” and a UNITY TRADITIONAL SHIRT DAY!

At the 2021 National UNITY HYBRID Conference in Dallas, Texas we witness an overwhelming amount of participation, and is now a day of celebrating the resilience and artists in Indian Country. There is no other place quite like it, where you’ll see hundreds of Native youth dressed in their finest traditional clothing. It is our hope that we instill a new sense of pride in the lives of our Native youth participants, that they will continue to serve as a beautiful representation of their people.

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