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UNITY Advisors: Sko Back to School

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School has started or it will be soon, wherever you are. How can advisors support Youth Council members throughout the school year?

The classic question still stands,  “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  UNITY has a history of advocating for career and educational opportunities. Serving College and High School aged youth, there is an opportunity to inspire motivation, with practical study and life skills. Finding the “why” to day in day out school weeks and months can move youth to study harder and longer. 

  • Host a group conversation about education and what it means. They have been in school from a young age, for many years to date.  Shift the questions from “what” to “why”. Perhaps you have a youth who wants to be a biologist. Why? To help a certain species of animal or a broader scope of saving the environment.  Or another youth wants to go into the medical field, because of relatives suffering with diabetes or substance abuse. A motive may be talent or field of study. They may be gifted in the areas of science, technology, math, art, and music. All these are very good motives.
  • Goal setting! Your personal best. Switch the subject to a goal-setting session.  Describe short-term (daily, weekly & monthly), some intermediate goals (3 to 6 months to a year) and long-term goals (years in the making). Have 3×5 cards ready. Give three to each youth, one for each category. Encourage them to write at least one short, intermediate and long-term goal.
    • Short: turn in all my homework
    • Intermediate: improve grades
    • Long: graduate from High School

  • Studying and grades do not come easy to every youth.  Do you have an exceptional student in your youth council? Invite them to share tips on studying. Have the group brainstorm about study skills that they know about or practice.
  • Invite a teacher or professional to a Youth Council meeting. They could share about their field of work for students to find their motivation and study skills to help stay on track to improve grades.
  • Start a study group. Identify challenging subjects that need support. Youth will reinforce learning by sharing their knowledge by mentoring or tutoring others.
  • Schoolwork and study take a lot of time and develop personal responsibility. No one can do it for them. They will have to realize that they will bear the outcome of their choices. The greatest thing is making the best decisions over builds growth and good character no one can take away from them. 

Advisors have a very special and important role. Youth Council is one component of their lives. They have roles in their unique family dynamics, community and culture, and they are students. Together, we can help support them in these critical years. You can offer some guidance and balance. Keep it going UNITY Advisors. You Got This!