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35th Annual Global Youth Service Day (GYSD)

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Global Youth Service Day

April 28– 30, 2023

Youth Service Month 2023: April 14 – May 14

April 26 – 28, 2024

Youth Service Month 2024: April 12 – May 12

The first-ever Youth Service Month kicks off today Friday, April 14, and continues through Sunday, May 14 with the 35th Annual Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) right in the middle on April 28-30.

In addition to encouraging those in your network to organize their own local GYSD activities (access promotional assets here), we’re asking all our National Partners to commit to one or more of the following activities sometime during Youth Service Month, with a preference for the week of April 24-28 leading up to GYSD.

Will UNITY Youth celebrate GYSD in one or more of the following ways?

  1. Share content. Highlight your organization’s youth participation programs, resources, trainings, webinars, research, grants, awards, etc. or share tools from that you think are relevant to your network.
  2. Celebrate successes. Share stories and stats about any volunteering, community service, service-learning, national service, civic education, voting, civic engagement, public service, joining, and leadership development programs of your organization. Highlight youth program participants who have excelled this school year, your chapters/affiliates that have done amazing work this year, youth council/board members, and/or public officials that have been supportive.
  3. Tell the story. Publish a special edition of your e-newsletter or intranet post with all the content you put together for options 1 and 2, or feature a special series of social media messages using #GYSD23 or #GlobalYouthServiceDay.
  4. Commit and plan. Sign the 50% Youth Participation by America250 Declaration of Participation and have an internal staff discussion to set a 50by250 goal for your organization and begin to develop a strategy to achieve that goal by 2026.
  5. Other – Have another way that your organization wants to celebrate? Tell us about it.

Please share how you’ll participate in Youth Service Month and Global Youth Service Day by next Friday, April 21 using this link: