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In Case You Missed It: Watch Native Scholarship Form webinar

On Thursday, February 18th, UNITY hosted a collaborative online forum to discuss scholarship information and student opportunities with Native American Scholarship foundations. With so many native students looking for available scholarships, UNITY partnered with the American Indian College Fund, American Indian Graduate Center, American Indian Science & Engineering Society and Cobell Scholarship, to bring the discussion to one place. In case you missed it, you can catch the Native Scholarship Forum here, where it is available to watch on UNITY’s youtube channel.

For more information about the presenters and their programs, you can check out the following links.

American Indian College Fund

You can learn more about our Full Circle Scholarship Program, and apply at

Please send any questions to


American Indian Graduate Center

For over 50 years American Indian Graduate Center has been the industry leader providing over $200 million in scholarship aid to Native students in all 50 states and representing over 500 Tribal Nations. AIGC is the Center for Native Scholarship in the United States.  For more information about AIGC’s scholarship opportunities or to apply for funding please visit our website

Please send any questions to


American Indian Science & Engineering Society 

Visit AISES website to discover student opportunities such as internships along with scholarship info. For Scholarship, visit: –

Please send any questions to


Cobell Scholarship

Indigenous Education, Inc. would like to thank all participants as well as our partners for organizing this event. For more information about our scholarship program visit

Please send any questions to


United National Indian Tribal Youth inc (UNITY)

UNITY would like to thank our partners and all the participants who joined us. If you would like to learn more about UNITY, you can visit our website at  Be sure to look out for future information regarding UNITY’s Golda Cook and Mel Pervais scholarships.