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Indigenizing Higher Education Webinar

“I have spent my life in academia. I’m home helping educate the generation” shares Dr. Twyla Baker. “The journey itself is multi-fold. I rarely say I walk in two worlds, I got their letters and their tools. I am a Mandan, Hidatsa woman wherever I go. I found myself being the only native female in a lot of spaces. I ended up having to build community as I was going along because I knew what it was like and what it felt like to be the only person in my calculus class. I didn’t want that for anybody else that was coming up behind me.” Learn more in this free online resource from CNAY below with UNITY 25 Under 25 Awardee Owen Oliver.

UNITY is the oldest and largest Native youth serving organization in the United States. UNITY is proud to provide resources from our partners to better support Native Youth. UNITY Youth Councils encompass North America and meet the needs of Native youth where they are. Explore more free online resources at and click on the Webinar tab.