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NorthWestern Region

UNITY Regional Profile

The Northwest Region consists of geographical areas and the states of Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Washington, . The Northwest region has 45 affiliated youth councils in 4 states within the UNITY Network.



UNITY News: Northwest Updates

Northwest Regional Representative: Mazie Countryman

Mazie Countryman – UNITY Northwest Area Representative

Tribes: Northern Arapaho/Eastern Shoshone/Shoshone Bannock/Navajo

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Mazie Countryman is an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho tribe and is affiliated with the Eastern Shoshone, Shoshone Bannock, and the Navajo Nation. Ms. Countryman is a full-time student at Idaho State University majoring and working towards her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. After she has pursued her bachelor’s degree she would like to obtain her doctorate in pharmacy. While she attends college as a full-time student, she devotes her time to the Fort Hall Youth Council serving as President. She also was a girl scout for 8 years and still carries the values of the Girl Scout motto in her everyday life which is being honest, fair, considerate, helpful, and kind. Ms. Countryman is an active member of her community and she is committed to making a difference each day. While doing so, she serves with dignity and integrity. She believes service is an important way to give back and help others. Mazie’s passion for service is inspiring, and she is always looking for new ways to get involved and to make an impact. Mazie loves to excel in every opportunity that comes her way. One of those was Mazie passing and becoming certified as a pharmacy technician when she was a senior in high school. Throughout all of her achievements, she has stayed positive and persevered to get the job done. She loves to uplift everyone and truly shows her kindness across Indian country. Ms. Countryman serves as the 2023-2024 Northwest Area Representative for the National Unity executive committee; representing Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Although Ms. Countryman is a representative of the Northwest region, she wants everyone to know she will still support and advocate for native youth all across Indian country. Ms. Countryman is very passionate about native youth and believes they are the future. Whether she is mentoring, volunteering, at school, etc., she is always finding ways to support and empower young native youth, her dedication to this cause is truly inspiring. Mazies passion, confidence, determination, commitment, and  natural talent for problem solving; makes her a natural leader, and shows that she has the ability to communicate her ideas clearly and effectively. She truly is an inspiration to those around her. Ms. Countryman believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities and access to resources, regardless of their background or circumstances. Mazie wants everyone to know that she is open to meeting new people and is excited and looking forward to this year serving as the 2023-2024 Northwest Area Representative! She cant wait for the unique opportunities ahead of her!


Mazie Countryman, Northwest Regional Representative

National UNITY Council Executive Committee

Northwest Region Youth Councils

  1. Regional Youth Advisory Council (RYAC)
  2. Togiak UNITY YC “The Beat Goes On”
  3. Native Village of Eyak
  4. Yaghanen Youth Council
  5. Qikiqtagruk Inupiaq Youth Council
  6. Tanana Chiefs Conference Emerging Leaders Advisory Council
  7. Leaders of Tomorrow
  8. Aniak Traditional Youth Center
  9. Aleut UNITY Tribal Youth Council
  10. Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich’in Tribal YC
  11. Native Village of Port Heiden
  12. Coeurd’Alene Tribal Youth Council
  13. Fort Hall Youth Council
  14. Burns Paiute Tribe Youth Leadership Council
  15. Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians
  16. Siletz Youth Council
  17. Cow Creek Tribal Youth Council
  18. Many Nations as One Youth Council
  19. The Klamath Tribes Youth Council
  20. Chemawa Indian School Student Council
  21. Cowlitz Indian Tribe Youth Council
  22. Elwha Tribal Youth Council
  23. Kiis Council
  24. Nevplelem Youth Council
  25. Nooksack Tribal Teen Council
  26. Tulalip Youth Counci
  27. Inchelium Youth Council
  28. Kalispel Youth Council
  29. Colville Tribes’ Omak District Youth Council
  30. Nisqually Youth Council
  31. Quinault Teen Council
  32. Suquamish Youth Council
  33. Swinomish Youth Council
  34. River Ridge High School YC
  35. Yakama Nation Youth Council
  36. Toppenish Youth Council
  37. Clover Park School Dist. Native Pride YC
  38. Omak District Youth Council
  39. Puyallup Tribal Youth Council
  40. Squaxin Island Tribe
  41. Chehalis Tribal Youth Council

“Being here with UNITY is such a great experience. You get to meet so many new people and learn more about different tribes and their cultures.””


“The gathering, the sharing of cultures, the UNITY of our people!”


“Our YOUTH is the future!”


“It’s the best place to be open about what you think and what you want to do for your school or community. They make you feel like family and welcome you openly.”


“Great organization that allows empowerment for the Native youth to excel in leadership skills, networking opportunity, and early professional growth.”


“Awesome for youth group & leadership.”