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UNITY Earth Ambassador Program 2020 

Thank you to the 2019-2020 Class of UNITY Earth Ambassadors are for your dedication to our planet and powerfully serving your UNITY family.

  • Alec Lee (Navajo), 19, New Mexico
  • Angela Noah (White Mountain Apache Tribe), 19, Oregon
  • Hope Long (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians), 16, North Carolina
  • Jeidah DeZurney (Confederated Tribes of Siletz), 20, Oregon
  • Kaylene Nevaquaya (Comanche Nation), 18, Oklahoma
  • Marco Ovando (Shoshone-Paiute Tribe), 19, Nevada
  • Sage Lacapa (White Mountain Apache Tribe), 15, Arizona
  • Samuel Lopez (Tohono O’odham Nation), 16, Arizona
  • Sky Wildcat (Cherokee Nation), 23, Oklahoma
  • Zunneh-Bah Martin (Diné), 22, New Mexico

UNITY Earth Ambassadors progressed on their mission to engage Native youth with motivation and promote the vital restoration and preservation of Mother Earth. They met bi-weekly online to discuss development of UNITY Earth Day, with a Resolution, webinar and advocacy for UNITY members, as well as their individual platforms and projects. Due to the Pandemic, together, they brainstormed for ways youth could organize Earth Day projects while social distancing. The ideas were compiled and posted on the UNITY Website. 

Earth Ambassadors attended the UNITY Midyear Conference February 14-17. They conducted speed workshops and presented the UNITY Earth Day resolution at the National UNITY Council Business Meeting. It was passed successfully. An interactive presentation about the environment and UNITY Earth Day projects was given at the last general session, ending with a shell necklace gift to each attendee.

“Our ancestors understood the intricate relationship with all living beings and how to only take what is needed and nothing more. I want to follow that example and tradition but only using what I truly need and nothing more to help eliminate excess waste that pollutes and harms our mother even more.” – Marco Ovando

Celebrate Mother Earth Day webinar held April 2 was hosted by three Earth Ambassadors. They promoted protection, restoration and advocacy for the Earth. They called for Youth Councils and Individuals to organize UNITY Earth Day Projects for the 50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day, April 22, 2020. 

Personal Earth Day projects were proposed and implemented,encompassing a school garden; a laminated native plant care guide with a list of household items to recycle; a food sovereignty summit, tree and flower planting events; an online session to help promote personal healing through reconnecting with nature with a community garden project; indigenous gardening packets to include seeds and instructions and recycling project.  

UNITY Earth Day – Call to Action  Celebrate Mother Earth Day

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