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Guiding Youth Council Meetings: UNITY Webinar for Youth Advocates & Advisors

Have you ever attended a meeting for the sake of having a meeting? Lots of talk leading to no action. Good ideas, good discussion, but how can these ideas become reality? Meeting facilitation is key for any active Youth Council or youth group. Join to gain tips and strategies for Native youth engagement in community planning. Special Guests include Christine Porter! As the Young River Peoples Council Advisor, Porter received UNITY’s 2019 JR Cook Advisor of the Year Award. She also will be joined by EIleen Crocker from the White Mountain Apache Tribe Youth Council.

Click to Watch recording at the UNITY YouTube Channel. Please Subscribe.
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SAMHSA Youth Empowerment Webinars

The SAMHSA Tribal TTA Center will join the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) and members of their Champions for Change class for a series of three webinars focusing on youth empowerment in Indian Country. Watch and Learn the following recorded webinars: Indigenous Food & Healing with Mariah Gladstone, Suicide Prevention & Social media with Faith Holyan, and CNAY Two Spirit Project with Olivia Cook.
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Learn with Alumni: Engaging with Native Youth Through Social Media: Nov 4th Webinar

CLICK Here to Watch & Learn Dr. Locklear will discuss the various platforms youth use to connect with other youth. She will share insights on how to best connect and uses of social media. Special guest Dr. Leslie Locklear, Lumbee, is the FATE project coordinator at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, published author and proud UNITY Alumni & Peer Trainer for the Healing Indigenous Lives Initiative. Join us Live next week @unityinc76

Wednesday, November 4, at 3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST– Engaging with Native Youth Through Social Media on UNITY Instagram Live

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Building Community Support for Youth Councils Webinar

Click Here to Watch & Learn: UNITY values the dedication and commitment of Youth Council advisors. Each youth council is unique with its culture, location and sponsoring agencies. UNITY wants you to have the support and resources you need. Building community support provides each advisor a network of people to assist with meetings, activities, fundraising and leadership development. Learn to identify the assets in your community; individuals, resources and programs.  UNITY Peer Guide and Salish, Kootenai Youth Council Advisor Vance Home Gun will co-host along with UNITY Alumni and White Mountain Youth Council Advisor Eileen Crocker. Click Below to register for this complementary training for Native youth Advocates on how to encourage community engagement.  Let’s talk about Community Support!

Building Community Support for Youth Councils on Thursday, October 29, at 12 p.m. PST / 3 p.m. EST  Read More

NCUIH Get Out the Vote Series

NCUIH is hosting several upcoming events in our Get Out the Vote Series and we’d love to have you join us. See the full list of offerings below. Find out more on their website.
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Applying Traditional knowledge in STEM fields Webinar

Click here to watch For this week’s Youth Track webinar for the 2020 Fall Webinar Series, Presenter Helen Fillmore, from Washoe, shares how Traditional knowledge and modern scientific research are shaping their Tribe’s future. Read More

Utilizing Traditional Knowledge in Higher Education Webinar

UNITY Fall 2020 Webinar Series – Eps. 3. Youth Track! Join us Instagram for a LIVE Q&A session with Native Youth Uriah LittleHoop. She’ll be sharing her knowledge and experiences of balancing her traditional way of life while pursuing higher education. Uriah is also a talented artist and will be singing a couple of traditional songs during the virtual event. Join us this Friday! Read More

UNITY Peer Guide Video Messages: Culture As Prevention

UNITY Peer Guides share their personal teachings on what “Culture As Prevention” means to them. This was part of an online series of virtual learning session. Click below to watch and share these inspirational messages with other Native youth.  Read More

Native Youth Healing Gathering: UNITY Webinar

NCUIH’s Youth Council, in partnership with the United National Indian Tribal Youth Inc.(UNITY) personally invites Native youth across Indian Country to join and participate in a National Virtual Native Youth Healing Gathering. Read More

Restoring & Empowering the Native Vote: 3, 2, 1: VOTE

Last week, a national coalition of nine organizations dedicated to civil rights and racial justice, supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, were proud to launch 3,2,1: VOTE! – a video series designed to inspire everyone to vote. Check out these 10 engaging conversations with changemakers working to ensure every voice is heard!

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