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UNITY Earth Ambassador’s determination for change

UNITY Earth Ambassador, Kaylene Nevaquaya, launched her environmental project in early September. She began with a letter to her tribe’s (Comanche Nation) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to place recycling bins around the community. The head director of the EPA, Lynn Schonchin, responded positively and has offered to help her with other projects.

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Earth Ambassador creates “How to Compost” video

UNITY Earth Ambassador, Zunneh-Bah Martin (Diné), produced a How to Compost YOUTUBE video. Her message is a call to action to encourage people to take steps with the simple things in everyday life to make a positive imprint on the environment. She also is living the “Zero Waste” way.  Watch for future HOW-TO videos from Zunneh-Bah, Earth Ambassadors and YOU!.  Read More

UNITY Earth Ambassador thrives in Social Justice Fellowship

There are more than 500 abandoned uranium mines on and near the Navajo Nation, most of which have not been cleaned up, and UNITY Earth Ambassador Zunneh-bah Martin, Diné and Modoc’, New Mexico, plans to do something about this.  Martin shares that she is “having a great experience with the Indigenous Lifeways Social Justice Fellowship. It is empowering to be amongst Indigenous women leaders from across the Navajo reservation and to be working on social justice issues in our communities. I believe that it is important to build these types of relationships to grow/strengthen support systems for our people who advocate for social justice. It is always comforting to know that you are not the only one who wants to make positive changes, even if you are one of a few.”
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UNITY Leader finds Resiliency in Storytelling

UNITY youth leaders have taken center stage across the U.S. this Native American Heritage Month. UNITY Peer Guide and Earth Ambassador, Angela Noah, White Mountain Apache,  presented at the Oregon Students of Color Conference at Lane Community College representing the University of Oregon’s Native American Student Union. Her workshop, “Resiliency in Storytelling,” about the importance of oral traditional storytelling and cultural songs, was highlighted among students of color attending the conference from throughout the Northwest.

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UNITY youth in action: RHS Student thanked Mayor & Council for Proclamation

UNITY 25 Under 25 Awardee and former Earth Ambassador Jazmine Wildcat continues her legacy of leadership within her community. A Riverton High School Student appeared before the Riverton City Council this past Tuesday to thank the Mayor and Council for the proclamation the city issued for Native American Heritage Month. Jazmine Wildcat’s comments, in their entirety, are copied below: Read More

Southeastern Earth Ambassador Spotlight

UNITY Earth Ambassador Hope Long, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, shares her community involvement: 

October was busy for Hope Long. She is an active member of the of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Youth Council (CYC) and serves as Chairman the Junaluska Leadership Council (JLC). These youth council programs are sponsored by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) to develop leadership for younger members. CYC focuses on community service projects and culture and JLC provides members provides exposure and experience of tribal government.

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Returning Home: Siletz Tribal Youth Development Program

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This summer our Youth Development and Healthy Traditions Program chaperoned a group of Siletz youth on a four-day adventure down to Southern Oregon. Our first destination was a land-restoration conservation site called Vesper Meadows located east of Ashland in the higher elevations of the Southern Cascade Mountains. This was a special place to visit for several reasons: (1) We were restoring our indigenous relationship with a land that we hadn’t gathered on in for over 150 years and (2) We were connecting our youth with one of our most well-spoken and travelled tribal elders, Grandma Aggie Pilgrim. Our second destination was to gather yampah seeds at a meadow near the base of Table Rock, which was the site of our original reservation and where we signed the Rogue River Treaty was signed. Read More

Seeds of Greatness: Tohono O’odham Earth Ambassador

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Samuel Lopez enlightens with his words, “As an Earth Ambassador, my platform is to inspire youth to go out and experience the greatness which their traditional seeds have to offer. It was a blessing to witness history right before my eyes. All indigenous youth want to be apart of their culture, they just need encouragement and a place to express themselves and this event was just that. A huge thanks to the San Xavier Co-op Farm. Special thanks to the Food Production team at the farm and the Wa:k Youth Council for helping make this event possible. “Si has haicu cem hekid!” You are important always and all the time!”

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Earth Ambassadors in Action

Sage Lacapa, UNITY Earth Ambassador has taken action and stepped into leadership roles since the National UNITY Conference. Sage Lacapa encourages with his quote. “Why wait for the future to create positive change when you can do it now! We, the youth have had so many opportunities these past six months, not for recognition, but for the leadership roles we uphold.”

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Intergenerational Call to Action for Earth Advocates

Continuing the legacy of environmental advocates, the 2019-2020 Circle of Earth Ambassadors included intergenerational teachings to engage UNITY Youth Councils in service projects. Community elders and UNITY alumni participation was made possible through the financial support of a a National Park with an initiative “Connecting with Our Homelands” to foster intergenerational sharing through Hopa Mountain, Inc. Generations of Earth Ambassadors gathered to launch this year’s environmental call to action.

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